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Welcome to the McCullough Family History site!

We are currently migrating this site to our new website "Mixed Genes" & updating our family history information. We hope to be finished by the end of September 2017. Please visit & bookmark our new site:


Not a McCullough? Don't click away just yet! A sampling of the other surnames with quite a bit of information are: Frampton, Broom, Lyon, Hays, Thomas, Ross, Dufford, Brinton, McKee and Foster. Not to mention the "Mystery" section, dedicated to those unsolved ancestor puzzles we all have. We are currently working on a major update for this site and hope to have much of the new information posted in the coming months. The first new additions can be found in the Broom Family section, which is nearly complete now, including Thomas Broom, James Broom & Jacob Broom Pages & Timelines, and a fairly complete Broom Descendants chart starting from Thomas (b.1688). There are also some early maps of Chester/Delaware Co. marked with Broom/Brinton/Willis related locations. Much work has been done on the Frampton family, particularly on the early years not well covered by Wrightnour (1550 - 1800). Other commitments have prevented recent updates to this site, but we hope to have much of the new information online sometime in 2013.

Last but not least, please contact us with questions, additions & corrections. And please acknowledge any information or images you use from this site.

Drawing, possibly by Jennie Hays ca.1885

Hand colored tin-type, ca. 1850?

Hand colored tin-type, ca. 1850?

Deborah Jane McKee Hays, ca. 1850

Robert Hays, ca. 1850

Other areas of special research are Andrew McKee (1747-1833), the Bagley-Brinton connection to Lord Sutton and the burning question of whether the original McCullough immigrant was James or Hugh McCullough in the mid-1700's.   

Who can I find here and how can I find it?

This site is divided into four main branches: the McCullough, Lyon, Thomas  and the Hays branches & covers the period 1680 -1900 thoroughly, with a few lines going back to about 1200.

Under each of these Branch tabs, there are additional families:

McCullough: Frampton, Ross, Sheridine          Thomas: Dufford

Lyon: Broom, Brinton                              Hays: McKeeFoster

What can I find here?

This site focuses on the ancestors of the William McCullough (b. 1923) family, who have lived primarily in central and western Pennsylvania for the last 200 years.  In addition to the usual names and dates, I have tried to include copies of documents, photos and additional stories where possible. Jefferson, Butler, Armstrong & Clarion Counties are the most common locations in Western Pennsylvania. In the late 1600's and 1700's, common locations were Chester and nearby areas in Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. European locations include England, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany. In most cases, the data goes back to the 1600's or earlier.

There is also a section on "Mysteries": places where I have gotten stuck in my research and pictures, particularly of the McCullough family taken between 1850 & 1890 that I cannot identify. I hope that by sharing my information, I will help others solve their own mysteries and that perhaps someone else will help solve mine.


I'd like to think I have gathered some interesting information, though! Much of my material comes from family papers and pictures which fortunately have survived the years.  I also want to thank my many newly discovered "cousins" who have contributed from their research.  They are mentioned (if they wished) where relevant in the various sections.

Since I live in the Netherlands and am researching U.S. data, I have also made use of some Internet sources. These are not always accurate, but I have done my best to separate fact from fiction, and where possible, I have indicated the difference between fact and speculation. Not all sources for all data are on the website to prevent it from becoming too large. E-mail if you would like an unlisted source. I try to work from original documents wherever possible.

Please feel free to use information from this site, but I would appreciate it if you would credit me and/or the person I list as the source. I will try to answer queries as soon as possible, but please be patient!

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