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The Lyon Branch

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This branch of the family is one of the most interesting, partially because it contains several well-documented individuals who played important roles in the early years of America.

While the Lyon branch itself is an interesting branch, Jacob Broom, great-grandfather of Ella Lyon, was a delegate to the ConstitutionalConvention from Delaware. One of his ancestors, William Brinton, was an associate of William Penn, and one of the earliest settlers of the Philadelphia area.

It is also this line that provides the "link to royalty", the subject of much debate among genealogists as a result of a multi-Interpretable entry in a Will Registry in the early 1600's. Until a few years ago, the link was considered proven.  Then, a Latin phrase was interpreted to mean "nephew" instead of the literal translation "descended through the mother", causing some confusion. After several hours of research, it is my conclusion -- along with several other genealogists -- that this link falls into the category "more likely than not", and so I have included it in the Brinton Family section. I hope someday to personally view the will entry in question and perhaps settle the discussion. At a later date, I will enter the details of the discussion in the Mystery section.

Updated: 2008-01-15