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Royal Connection?


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The Broom Ancestors & Connection to Royalty     

Mystery 1: Who were the ancestors of Thomas Broom, b. circa 1688?

The earliest Broom in our line for whom we have a record in America was Thomas Broom, grandfather of Jacob Broom, delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Delaware. The first record found so far for Thomas is of Thomas' marriage to Elizabeth Hannum in 1711 at St. Paul's Church, Chester Co., PA. Thomas is also listed as a taxpayer in 1715 in both Darby and Concord, PA. He then appears in Wilmington in 1729 and 1730, in records of the Old Swedes Church. After this, the family is fairly well documented.

In all biographies of this branch, there are references to the Broom/Broome/Brome families of PA, DE, NY and MD being connected to one another, but no one explains just how. I show various descendants of Thomas moving to these states, but cannot tie him to parents or a birthplace. There is a record for the marriage of Ann Broom to Nathaniel Tucker at the same church where Thomas was also married six years later. It is a reasonable assumption that she was his sister or at least a relative. A James Broom, son of Francis, came from England to Philadelphia in 1717, the same year that a William and (another?) Thomas show up in a Philadelphia list. There is also a Daniel around this time that I have been unable to connect. Some researchers think James & Thomas are related. It is quite probable that there is some connection between all of these persons...  but what???

There has also been some data to indicate that Thomas may have come to PA via Barbados or another Caribbean island. Any ideas??? E-mail


Mystery 2: The Broom "Royal Connection"

Nearly all biographies also spend considerable time on the "Royal Connection", which is generally presumed to derive from the name Broom and the connection of this plant to the Plantegenet family. However, I have still not found a convincing genealogy making the link. Any information on this subject would be appreciated!

On the other hand, there is quite a bit of information linking the ancestors of Jacob Broom's mother Esther Willis, via her great grandmother, Ann Bagley Brinton, to this very family.

Updated: 2008-01-15