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Excerpt from the Hays biography regarding James & Margaret Blain (attention: this information has been proven incorrect regarding the parents of James Blain).

"Mr. Hays is connected with other families whose names have been prominent in the history of Pennsylvania, the Blaines, McKees, Fosters, Galbraiths and Chambers all having borne their part in the activities of the early days in the Commonwealth. His grandmother, Margaret (Blaine) McKee, was a daughter of James and Deborah (Baird) Blaine, and a cousin of Hon. James G. Blaine.

Col. Ephraim Blaine, who was the great-grandfather of James G. Blaine, was born in Ireland in 1744, and was but one year old when, in 1745, his parents brought him to America, the family settling in Cumberland county, Pa., at or near Carlisle. He had two brothers and one sister, Alexander (who had two children, Mary and Elizabeth), William (who had three children, Isabella, Alexander T. and Ephraim) and Ellen (married Col. Samuel Lyon). The name of Ephraim Blaine appears in the list of men residing at Fort Pitt July 22, 1760. He became one of the prominent citizens of his region, serving his county and country with honor and fidelity. In 1771 he was sheriff of Cumberland county. In the earlier years of the Revolution he was a resident of Carlisle.

Ephraim Blaine died at Carlisle in 1804 (in 1808 according to the new American Encyclopedia). He and his first wife Rebecca (Galbraith) are buried at the Meetinghouse Springs Church (of which they were members), on Yellow Breeches creek, about one and a half miles from Carlisle, Pa. The site of Colonel Blaine’s old home is near by, and he had a distillery on the creek. His second wife was Mrs. Duncan, widow of Judge Duncan. He had two children, both born to his first marriage, James and Robert, the former marrying Margaret Lyon (their son Ephraim was the father of James G. Blaine).

Robert Blaine, son of Ephraim and Rebecca (Galbraith), lived in Washington county, Pa. He married Anna Susan Metzgar, and had the following children: ... (6) James married Deborah Baird. (This record of Robert Blaine and his family is taken from a “Family Memorial” published in 1867, containing “fragments of family and contemporary history”, and some records of the Robinson, McCord and Blaine families).

Source: Pages 640-647, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914

Updated: 2008-01-15