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Whodunit and whowasit?

I suspect that hobby genealogists are really detectives at heart who have grown up to be something else.  There are certainly enough mysteries to solve and wonderful new discoveries to be made.

Like everyone else, I have run into a few mysteries in my family tree that keep me awake at night.  The answer is out there somewhere and I hope that by sharing information with others researching the same problem, we will find the answers. In the end, it sometimes turns out that the answer has been staring at you the whole time.

For instance, the picture on the right was found in a box of McCullough papers and I had hoped that this might turn out to be the only picture of Sheridan McCullough we have found. I put it aside for 2 years and after cataloguing some other pictures, picked it up again. How could I not have seen that the man on the left was Thomas Hays, placing the picture at the end of the 1800's or beginning of the 1900's? And it is almost certain that the man on the right is my other gggrandfather, Peter Thomas!

In addition to this tin-type, I have inherited boxes of old photos, tin-types and daguerreotypes from the second half of the 19th century, most of them unmarked.  It has been a giant puzzle to identify them.  In many cases, I have succeeded, but a few remain a mystery.  Have a look!  Maybe you will find a relative. If so, please let me know! E-mail.

Updated: 2008-01-15